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4 Misconceptions About Eyeglasses You Should Not Believe!

prescription glasses
September 04, 2018
Published By Ella Thompson

Bust those Myths: Eyeglasses Unveiled

When you buy designer glasses online, you get to hear your fair share of myths surrounding eyeglasses! Sometimes we have so much misinformation about our eyeglasses repeated so often, it becomes imperative that we accept it all as truth!

Separating fact from fiction becomes tough!

Nearly 6 out of ten people get affordable prescription glasses online. You cannot just give your eyeglasses a complete miss thanks to these rumors. It’s high time; you get rid of the top misconceptions about eyeglasses.

Here are the top 4 picks on popular myths and lies about prescription sunglasses and favored frames in eyeglasses.

Myth 1

Many young people often give up on their frames when playing sports. In fact, many people consider wearing eyeglasses a big no when playing various sports such as cricket and football.

In fact, doctors suggest that those who wear glasses can wear sturdy frames that can actually help offer strength and support while playing sports. In fact, how good you are in sports definitely does not depend on your glasses. This myth can rest in its grave!

Myth 2

Staring directly at the sun is not fine even after you buy prescription glasses online with a anti glare coating that saves you from harmful UV and blue rays. Eyeglasses online often come with UV protection lenses. Although these offer additional protection from UV rays, it is still not recommended that you stare directly at the sun.

In spite of you wearing UV protected eyewear, staring wide at the sun is a strict no no. This practice can allow too much of ultraviolet rays to flood the retina and burn your eyes, leading to permanent blindness.

Myth 3

Another popular misconception is the fact that most people often think that you should take a break from wearing eyeglasses for some time each day.

glasses online

In fact, this thought is erroneous and once your eyes are hooked to a new pair of prescription eyeglasses, you should never take them off until you sleep or wash yourself. As your eyes take time to adjust blurry vision, you should avoid unnecessary strain and keep those shiny glasses on!

Myth 4

Finally, many people often complain about eyeglasses looking a little out of place on their faces! If you thought wearing spectacles made you look bad- then think again. You probably have not tried to buy titanium glasses online that make you look sleek and sexy.

At Optically, we have the finest eyewear frames that enable wearers some feather light comfort and ease. Choose the best pair of glasses with customized coated tints for glare protection and raise the fashion mercury a few notches high this summer.