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5 Things Every Prescription Glasses Wearer Wants You To Know

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July 12, 2018
Published By Sophie Smith

Prescription glasses wearers will agree that with time their glasses become a part of their personality. Once a glasses wearer always a glasses wearer. It’s also difficult to convince them for contact lenses. This big change is never acceptable to them. At Optically, we specialise in prescription glasses and sunglasses because we understand their importance in people’s lives. When it comes to prescription glasses, true glasses wearers and believers will definitely tell you a thing or two or do’s or don’ts of using prescription glasses. Right from buying to using to taking care these glasses wearers know their game. We are sure you are all ears to know what these glasses have want you to know.

Always keep your lenses clean:

Lens being the most important part of your glasses always needs to be clean. It needs to be free of fingerprints, dust particles, water stains, tear stains and even your mascara. Glasses wearers say the most annoying things that can happen to their lenses is the stains getting smudged in the process of getting cleaned. Most of you must have encountered this annoying experience for sure. So well, keep your lenses clean and be happy.

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Those perfect nose pads!

Second most important thing when it comes to your glasses is the fit. Glasses that do not fit well do not last long and when it comes to the fitting part nose pads is what gives glasses that stability. Glasses wearers suggest never wear glasses with nose pads that are too high or loose. In built nose pads rarego wrong but nose pads that are added externally face issues. The material, shape and size of nose pads also matter. Be it PVC or silicone or any other material everything has a different quality that can be good and bad for your skin.

Always go for smooth side arms

Third important thing for glasses wearers is arms of the glasses. Uneven arms and temple rests can be uncomfortable. Women often face issues where they get stuck in hair and be painful. It also matters if the arms are thick or thin. Delicate arms can slide down from your ears and thick ones stay sturdy and stable. So, glasses do need sturdy arms.

Glasses carrying case

Forth important thing glasses wearers consider is the case that you keep them in. It's important to protect your glasses. If glasses not kept in their cases can damage their lenses with scratches. Not only lenses, glasses kept loosely in bags with other stuff can damage the frame as well. If carrying big cases seems difficult, you can carry smaller and slicker pouches to keep your glasses safe.

Always carry an extra pair of glasses

Fifth thing that glasses wearer think is important is carrying an extra set of glasses.It is always safe to be prepared. Broken lenses and broken arms can get you in trouble especially, if you wear prescription glasses. Fully rimmed frames cannot get damaged easily but delicate frames like rimless and semi rimmed have larger more chances of getting damaged and broken.

Finally, the 5 things that glasses wearers swear by have been decoded. If you are true glasses wearer these tips will surely be useful for you. Also, if you are in search of a new pair of glasses, do check out the latest collections of men’s glasses and women’s glasses online here.