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5 Things that Ruin your Eye Health

prescription sunglasses
July 20, 2018
Published By Sophie Smith

Eye health if often ignored even if we might be educated about its repercussions. We believe that wearing prescription glasses and sunglasses protects our vision but have we thought about our lifestyle choices that do?

1) Blue Screen

Digital screens are destroying many eyesights by their harmful blue radiation and artificial lighting. Our eyes are equipped to face the natural light but not excessive exposure to the digital light. We spend a lot of our time on phones, tablets and laptops, this not just gets us a prescription but also causes redness, eye strain and headaches.

2) Unhealthy Diet

Cholesterol is the new demon taking a toll on our bodies. We know that junk food has MSG that increases the level of cholesterol in our blood stream. What does this demon do? It clogs up your arteries, yikes! Leading to blood pressure and heart concerns, since a healthy blood supply is all you need to have a healthy body. Cholesterol also involves your white blood cells in combating the clogging, hence neglecting other concerns in the body. Thus, affecting the health and recuperation of your eyes. Styes and Chalazions become a common outburst of the body.

3) Smoking

Habits die hard especially when they are bad. Smoking for instance clogs up our blood vessels reducing the amount of oxygen travelling to your vital organs, one of course being the Brain. You find eyes getting blurry, or you see spots frequently because the flux of oxygen gets restricted due to smoking. Macular degeneration is one of its serious repercussions that cannot be reversed, some studies even state that cataracts and blood vessel damage is a by product of regular smoking to some extent.

prescription glasses

4) Yearly Check Up

As much as we hate visiting the doctors we cannot ignore getting our eyes checked periodically. Particularly in this technology driven era where we are bestowed by the efficient digital screens along with the right equipment for our doctors. Your optometrist has sophisticated equipment that can help in detecting serious eye problems before they damage your eyes early on. You may hold the same prescription for years buts it's always advised to keep a check on it. Just like your yearly health check-up, care for your eyes too.

5) Neglecting Eyewear

You don't forget to slap on generous amounts of sunscreen, why forget to treat your eyes right then? Do you go for cheap rip off sunglasses or protective and good quality prescription sunglasses? Do you get your readers off the convenience store or perfected prescription glasses for your need? Remember exposure to UV light is not only in harsh sunlight, but even when you drive or are out for a stroll, so wearing rx sunglasses is a strict must when outdoors.

Make sure you start to care for your eyes a little better everyday, one step that you can take today is to buy yourself an amazing pair of designer glasses online at Optically. They are convenient, affordable and trendy while protecting your eyes effortlessly!