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9 DIY Hacks For Prescription Glasses Wearers!

Workplace Prescription Glasses Are A Must Have!
September 18, 2017
Published By Sophie Smith

Let’s admit it, wearing prescription glasses is a burden at times. Glasses are an essential part of your life, but it has many challenges as well. People with perfect vision can never understand these problems. Only glasses wearer go through these tussles every day. But don't worry! We at Optically understand all the requirements of glasses wearers. This time we have some of the coolest DIY hacks that will save you for a lifetime.

Whether it is that mist or greasy smudge on your lenses, we have DIY remedies that will make your day easy. At least, will reduce the problems to the minimum!

1. Apply glow in the dark tape or glow in the dark paint on your glasses case. This will help you find your glasses when the lights are off!


2. Always have a pair of glasses with you.!

3. Carry the glasses toolkit while travelling!

4. You can adjust the nose pads of your glasses by keeping them on a flat surface. This will give you more accuracy!

5. Don't clean your lenses with cleaners that have alcohol, ammonia or bleach. These chemicals destroy the coatings on your lenses. Use dish soaps instead!

6. Put a rubber band on your shower gel and shampoo bottles; this will make it easier for you when you take a shower!


7. You get many stylish glasses online. You buy them, but sometimes the arms of these glasses don't sit well behind the ears. They start slipping off. You can just simply tie thin hair bands on both arms; this will stop the glasses from slipping!

8. Don't spend too much money on glasses. Instead, buy prescription glasses online. You get more variety and designs as compared to high street shops!

9. If you have lost your glasses, near-sighted people can use their phone's camera to see for a while!


So, these are some of the tricks for glasses wearers. Go ahead, and get your stylish pair of men's glasses or women's glasses and keep these hacks in mind!