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Activities you should Avoid When Wearing Glasses

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August 21, 2018
Published By Ella Thompson

Why you should Wear Special Glasses to Prevent Vision Disorders?

Eyes are the most delicate and sensitive part of the entire human body. They are our cherished organs for life!

There are several activities carried out in our daily life that can be harmful and dangerous for the eyes in the long run.

Those people who wear prescription glasses should actually pay attention to the kind of work they undertake. There are several kinds of work that are unsuitable for those wearing glasses online.

Some of the common activities that are unsuitable with glasses are:

When you are undertaking strenuous physical activities such as those with sun exposure and weight carrying, you should avoid wearing glasses.

designer sunglasses

Prolonged contact with sun can damage the retina and it is mandatory that you wear protective eye gear. When you buy designer glasses online, you should shop at portals like Optically and choose lenses that are digitally coated.

If you also do not wear your glasses while working out, you can actually damage your eyesight. The images can be blurred and you could suffer from headaches. Focussed vision, while exercising in the gym, requires you to wear contact lenses instead.

Another common activity that can pose danger to your eyesight is eye stress caused by playing video games. These video games have streaming visuals that are quite strong and colourful. Some of the visuals may just be changing all the time, causing the eyes to work hard and keep everything in focus. Your glasses may not be suitable for coloured viewing of images.

Sitting in front of the computer may also cause eye fatigue. There is scientific evidence that if you sit in front of computers, you could suffer from Computer Vision Syndrome or fuzzy images after staring in for a high time span.

Smoking and alcohol consumption is also not good for the permanent health of the eyes. Smokers have a far greater risk of developing cataracts and macular degeneration. There are several other eye diseases that can afflict those who over use addictive substances

You should also avoid swimming in a pool for long hours and sitting in a hot sauna for too long with glasses on. The chlorine and the bacteria in the humid weather can cause various eye complications and affect the eye in many different ways.

You need to take precautions and buy prescription sunglasses online when you are out in the outdoors. At Optically, we offer safety glasses and UV protected sunglasses that can be worn during a session at the outdoors.

We help protect your precious eyes and preserve your vision for a lifetime!