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Anti-Glare, Anti-Reflective and UV Protected

prescription glasses
October 25, 2018
Published By Ella Thompson

Coatings that Protect Your Eyes Right!

Prescription sunglasses are no more restricted to just innovative shapes and textures, they imbibe various coatings on the prescription lenses too.

Each have a distinct property to protect our eyes relentlessly. We get to choose from digital blue coat, anti-glare, anti-reflection, anti-scratch and anti-dust.

Optically believes in protecting your eyes stylishly. Hence, they offer over 30 thousand styles of designer glasses online that can be customized to your preferred coating and tint.

Optically is the authorized dealer of 36 designer labels, giving you mens and womens glasses at affordable prices with a 100% quality guarantee.

Each pair of prescription glasses online comes with 1.56 index lenses and an anti-reflective coating without any additional cost. Plus, you get a fancy cover and a microfiber cloth to keep your eyewear durable.

Anti-Glare Coating & Anti-Reflective Coating:

This coating is a chemical film applied to your prescription lenses to reflect light from them. The lesser refraction gives you more visibility and fewer distractions. It works best with high index lenses and ensures 99.9% of the light is reflected. This gives your glasses a sharper appearance because your eyes aren't hidden behind any glare. You can look great in any light conditions since your glasses are barely visible, giving more attention to your facial features.

The benefits cover night and day light conditions. So, you can drive at night without having headlight bouncing off your eyes and also work on the computer without any eye-strain.

Depending on the AR Coating formulae, the prescription lenses will reflect a green or a blue tint.

prescription sunglasses

UV Protected:

All sunglasses in modern times now are equipped with UV protection. Each pair of sunglasses comes with a sticker that states the amount of UV protection. You must only purchase sunglasses that state the level of UV protection over 99%.

Like the anti-reflective coating, it is also a chemical film that filters the harmful UV radiation entering your eyes when you are out in the blazing sun. While this coating gives your sunglasses the optimum performance against sunlight, anti-glare gives your prescription glasses enhanced clarity in all light conditions.

Optically Canada:

Optically brings you the best of eyewear, with several customization options at prices that suit every budget. So, if you are looking to buy prescription sunglasses canada or prescription glasses online, then Optically is the best value for your money.