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Are Designer Prescription Glasses worth a Buy?

Aviator Sunglasses
May 03, 2018
Published By Sophie Smith

Designer Prescription Glasses and Sunglasses are on everyone's check list of must haves. Haven't we all gawked at mannequins when passing the luxury high street stores?

Designers seem to have been picking the ever growing demand of prescription glasses and pouring all their creativity into making different styles of frames.

Celebrities are flaunting the latest colours and shapes of glasses making us want these trendiest glasses in our own wardrobe.

The designs are now flirty, quirky, chic, sophisticated and innovative and there are so many that you can easily carry on any outfit.

But more importantly its that designer label that we dream off to flaunt, just like with our clothes and bags, having designer glasses is the new thing.

When we do log online to shop for designer glasses online or even dare to step into a spectacle showroom, what leaves us in a state of shock is the high prices that these labels sport.

But surprisingly that's not the case, because if we only look to comparing them with the cheap knock offs at a convenience store then they are definitely steep priced, else the uniqueness is what symbolizes a designer collection.

Here is why you must own designer glasses and why they are totally worth your spend:

1) Unique

A designer work is primarily classified by the innovative work that they put forward be it in the colour, texture, shape or design. It sets them apart from the regulars and no matter how much of a copy your do attain, they will never be or feel like the original patented work of the designer.

2) Durable

The price is not just for the label printed on the temple, it is for the craftsmanship and the material used to produce the product. The hinges, springs, bolts, accents and the base material is sourced for carefully picked out vendors.

They are unnervingly made scratch resistant, sturdy against breakage and easy to clean that increase their life in comparison to non designers.

Prescription glasses

3) Vogue

You do not want to wear vintage grandma's glasses through the buzzing trends and might as well invest in a good pair that is fashionable yet economical. Its amazing as to how the right pair of glasses can accentuate your personality. Let your eyes be stylish while you protect them, after all they carve your experiences.

We pay for designers for the impeccable experience and ofcourse a treat to ourselves. Surprise yourself by buying affordable designer glasses online at optically.ca today.

Shop now to get even two pairs in the price of one!