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Are Driving Glasses different?

Aviator Sunglasses
March 27, 2018
Published By Sophie Smith

We often think of the effects of UVA and UVB rays when we are outside in the sun, not so much when we are indoors or in a closed environment.

However, the effects of these harmful rays are prevalent to the naked eye regardless of the surrounding.

More care has to be taken while driving, as the sun visor does not necessarily filter out the harmful radiation. Which means that eyes that are unprotected will be a victim of these with us believing otherwise.

When we wear prescription glasses we feel that our eyes are concealed from the glare, but that's not the case because the type of lens you chose is crucial to your eye-care.

The Sunlight and Driving :

Not just summers but even the winter sun is harmful to our eyes, since the sun is lower on the horizon reflecting light at a wider spectrum.

During driving the glare is harsher through our windshield as we are already straining our eyes to keep them alert. When we driving at a higher speed even clarity of vision is reduced during the same.

Bright light and reflection can interfere while your aim to drive safe, thus being harmful to you and others, hence sunglasses is a must while driving,

Are Driving Sunglasses Different?

They are different in terms of how you utilize your frame by fitting the right lenses protecting you from glare and from the radiation while keeping your vision clear.

Phew! Thats a task aint it?

Well not really, with new progressive lenses that come with a anti glare coating, you could style your reading cum prescription glasses comfortable while driving.

What's more, you can now choose from speciality UV Protected and Polarized lens type and get your prescription rendered into your sunnies to drive away in glee!

Thats cool, because now your eyeglasses are your sunglasses and you don't need to switch between the two.

We at optically have compiled a list of top five sunglasses to get your prescription glazed into now!

Wayfarers are the best bet for your regulars, especially these horn rimmed in black are a classic pick.

Tortoise shell and wide Rectangle is the never go wrong and never go out of style combo!

Fashion has a vintage twist in modern essence, go bold with clear glasses!

Aviators with a new twist, complete eye coverage with the camouflage print makes a perfect travel companion.

John Lennon’s style revolutionised sunglasses, and here the upbeat angular round in Black are elegance in vogue.

You can also send us your old beloved pair and reglaze your glasses by fitting in UV protected or anti glare coating to use them as sunnies. This is economical yet fashionable while being healthy!

Hop online today at optically,ca and get your affordable designer glasses in rimmed, semi rimmed, titanium acetate and many more in a variety of textures to suit your style!