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Choose Eyewear that Look Fine at 50!

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September 10, 2018
Published By Ella Thompson

Select the Best Eyewear for Women at 50!

Wearing glasses is now more than ever, a fashion fad and it’s fast catching up with women who are fabulously 50! The vast array of designer glasses online spoils you for style and comfort.

If you are a woman who is on the other side of 50, you should be reading this. As an older woman, you should not feel doomed to bifocals with chains around your neck! Spruce up your facial wardrobe with some must dos.

We believe 50s are your next 30! Check out these handy tips for eyewear and bring in some confetti shower on your life’s moments.

Dash of Color

If you pick the best colored frames, you could shave years off your face. To start off, wear black frames at Optically. These frames flatter your face and do not look frumpy! As a classy and sophisticated woman, you look great in black frames that define what you do.

Ready for Rimless

Going rimless is a subtle way of telling others that you are in for a fashion statement. You are here to set trends and not buckle under these in your 50’s. Wear designer ‘barely there’ rimless eyewear that blend into the face effortlessly is fast catching up. A thin frameless look cuts off years from your face and helps you look inspirationally elegant!

Nerdy is not Naff

Sometimes, the nerdy glass look is often well underpinned in square frames. Your personality gets reflected if you are a writer or an editor. Women in these profiles exude a certain personality that helps augment the maturity at 50.

full rimmed glasses

Check the Chainless

At 50, you should also dump the chains. When you go eyeglass shopping, clear frames are the most functional frames as they exude funk. These can go well with almost any outfit and are well loved in Hollywood and you can buy designer prescription glasses online that dictate that attitude.

Your eyeglasses are your single biggest fashion accessory post 50! Do not try to overwhelm your looks with scarves, miniature brooches or even chunky jewelry. It is often best to keep your look simple.

Choose designer glasses online that are youthful. The browns and burgundies are aplenty at Optically. Shy away from blue and gray frames. In fact, wearing steel frames may also pile on some years to your face.

Buy affordable glasses online at Optically and the new rx eyeglasses among a host of other prescription sunglasses for your middle age. Select from an exciting collection of eyeglasses and create the maximum impact.