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How are Prescription Glasses Made for You?

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July 31, 2018
Published By Sophie Smith

Dissecting your Designer Eyewear- The Making

Are you a curious cat when ordering glasses online? Do you want to know how your full rimmed glasses come into being?

Eye glasses are specially made to fit inside frames that are designed to hold right on the nose bridge. This helps correct vision and enhances your ability to see things with clarity.

Eyewear is now more than a vision corrector. In fact, since the Second World War, there have been significant strides made in the production of your staple eyeglasses.

Sturdy Strides

The modern eyeglass came into being in the late 1970s. Contrary to the popular notion that metallic frames are sturdy, today’s glasses are often made of durable plastic and titanium as opposed to age old metals.

These prove to be a much lighter and comfortable choice than any other. Although, there are several light metals used in making several women’s glasses alongside men’s eyewear, plastic remains a universal favorite.

Prescription glasses

The exact science of how your prescription glasses were made involve quite a precise and detailed set of fittings that leads to the finished product. Opticians take into consideration the prescription strength of the patient and determine the likes and dislikes of the wearer.

Making your Eyeglasses: The Process

A phoropter is used to determine the power of your eyes. This is an ophthalmic testing device also known commonly as a refractor. The eye care professional uses a phoropter to test your eyes and check which lens suits your vision.

Consequently, the exact specification of the eye and it’s near distance focal ability, long distance vision or even binocular vision is determined.

Phoropters can also be used to measure the eye’s natural resting position, near-distance focal ability, binocular vision and eye movements. Refraction errors can also be identified using a refractor, which uses convex lenses to examine how the eye processes light.

The eye technician then compares a set of plastic blanks till he finds an appropriate lens for the patient. The rest of the prescription is then required when the lens are ground into the blanks at the back of the glasses.

Next is the blocking process wherein the optical center of the eyeglass is found. A lot of grinding helps set the required degree of curves that help achieve the desired optical strength you need.

Finally, the lens is beveled and shaped, polished and shined for perfection. There are different kinds of plastics that are used to make glasses. The featherweight polycarbonate plastics, titanium light metals are the most durable and expensive.

If you need to wear tinted prescription sunglasses, the lenses need to specially treated before they are inserted into frames you have selected.

prescription sunglasses

Prescription eyewear is no longer a vision correcting apparatus. These are integral to our fashion wardrobe and are now more durable and efficient. Check out the best prescription eyewear at Optically, you may be pleasantly surprised at the choices offered!