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Why wayfarers are something you can never go wrong with?

 Prescription Sunglasses
June 29, 2018
Published By Sophie Smith

Sunglasses are to sunshine, like sunscreen is to skin. Prescription Sunglasses are the fashion necessity in any wardrobe, especially when they save the hassle to switch between two pairs of glasses.

Both work miraculously to protect, but sunglasses style your personality.

Optically.ca is Canada’s leading online retailer for affordable and trustworthy prescription sunglasses and eyeglasses online. Housing over 36 designer labels and a plethora of frame styles, each glass can be crafted to your personal customization.

You can choose from full rimmed, rimless and half rimmed mens and womens glasses online in the texture, colours and shape that you desire. Optically is a user friendly website having simple filters to narrow down your search for the perfect pair of sunglasses.

Our Virtual Try On feature, lets you virtually experience how all the frames featured online look on you. All you have to do is upload a close up picture and each frame you click on appears on the uploaded picture. Ask your peers, friends and family how the frames you have chosen suit your face and make an informed decision, without having to step into a store.

All of Optically glasses come with 1.56 index lenses, an anti glare coating and a microfiber cloth for cleaning. You can have this primary setting or customize the lenses to your need.

Once you have selected the prescription sunglasses and proceeded to buy, start with entering your accurate prescription and selecting the type of lens, whether standard, prolite or kodak you need. Are you using it for long sightedness? Reading? Or just clear?

You can also choose the index that determine how thin the lens will be. For instance, wafer thin lenses have an index of 1.74 plastic and high impact have an index of 1.61 plastic.The higher the index, the thinner the lens gets. Every lens has a scratch proof resistant and anti reflective coating for added comfort.

polarized sunglasses

Further, choose the tint and gradient colour for your sunglasses. Do you muse a green? Yellow? Or a grey? They have 24 colours to pick from. Fun right?

Instead of the tint and gradient, you can also go in for polarized or transition lenses based on your lifestyle.

Polarized glasses are known for their optimum anti glare property that makes that roadtrip, or a hike, or even walking your dog easier because you are not blinded by the sun rays hitting your eyes intensely. They have a special chemical coating that lets light enter your sunglasses only vertically by absorbing the horizontal rays, thus avoiding glare. Fishing, Golfing and Mountains are experienced at best with Polarized due to the increased clarity you experience.

Transition lenses or photochromic lenses adjust to the sunlight intensity and the lenses change from light to dark as required, whether you are indoors or outdoors. Their photochromic particles change to the required tint depending on the exposed sunlight. Pretty cool eh?

Choosing the lenses, prescription, tint, gradient and polarized/transition depends heavily on your preferences, use and lifestyle. Unless you want to own several pairs, which is not a bad idea you can have one of each. Our affordable designer frames online will definitely let you have two in the price of one!

Optically.ca is known for its service, fast delivery and product guarantee. If you are not happy with your purchase you can claim for a 100% refund or an exchange. Our customer service will be happy to help you with any query you face.

Hop online at Optically.ca and make your customized purchase of rx glasses online!