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How to know Eyeglass Frame Measurement?

Aviator Sunglasses
April 24, 2018
Published By Sophie Smith

The perfect pair of eyeglasses are not just classified by clarity that its gives your vision, but also the corrective fit to your face.

In the advent of getting the right pair what we usually focus on is how stylish the pair is in terms of giving us the desired look and feel.

We must know that the perfect glasses pair for your is one that corrects your vision, fits as measured and is a pair that compliments your fashion.

While learning the glasses terminologies and the design innovations in prescription glasses we have faint idea about how a eyeglass is actually measured.

We have compiled for you an easy guide that helps you understand the frame measurement in detail for your next visit to your optician.

For the most chiseled fit make sure you pick the right measured frame for your face type.

Aviator  Sunglasses

1) Frame Width :

It is measured in millimeters horizontally from the end to end frame width. This excludes the temples or accents but mainly the outline of the frame including the thickness.

2) Lens Width and Height :

The width determined how broad the lens and the frame will be on the face, especially for oversized glasses. Also measured in millimeters, the width is the horizontal distance of one single glass and the height is the vertical distance.

3) Bridge Measure :

The Nose bridge determines the distance of the two glasses on the frame, it is where the frame sits securely on your nose.

4) Temple Measure :

The horizontal distance of the frame arm, from the temple to the ear rest, where the arm sits on the ear is the temple measure. It is also calculated in millimeters.

5) Frame Height :

The frame height is the overall vertical height of the frame including the glasses from the topmost accent to the bottom rim in a perpendicular bridge.

The measurements are printed on the inside of the temple or the arms in order of lens width, bridge width and the temple arm length. Some of the frames also include the fourth which is the lens height.

Usually frames are classified into small, medium and large and easily can be matched to your face type. A small frame measures from 40mm-50mm, a medium from 51mm - 54mm and large is above 55mm.

Now that you know how to measure your eyeglasses make sure to get the right frame size to fit your face and bring out the best of your personality.

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