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How to Measure yourself for Glasses: Optically

Designer Prescription Glasses
January 28, 2019
Published By Ella Thompson

Get the Right Size for the Perfect Look: Prescription Glasses

Finding the right pair of glasses in a plethora of options online at Optically can get confusing. However, the site is easy to use, with simple filters that help you narrow your search by shape, colour, material, brand and most importantly the size.

When we buy glasses online, the affordable prices and trendy styles can make us skip a heartbeat but even the most stylish pair of 2019 can be downright gaudy if it doesn't fit right!

The secret to ordering that perfect pair is finding the right size of frames and Optically is here to help you find those effortlessly.

While scouting for mens and womens glasses online at Optically, here is how you can filter your search with the size:

Eyeglasses Frames Online

  • Your Current Pair:
  • Every pair of glasses has measurements written on them and although we have almost always missed taking a look at them, let’s get our style perfect to the T now!

    Both the glasses arms have small numbers engraved on them, one side has the model number of the pair, the brand name and a unique code while the other holds a series of 3 numbers separated with a (-)

  • Measurements to Know:
  • When you are looking to buy designer glasses online the latter is what you must check. For eg: if your glasses say 52-18- 136, here is what they mean:

    52: is the Lens Diameter and is measured from the bridge, although this can be a personal choice of style, lenses that are too big and touch your cheeks can make a fashion faux pas.

    18: is the Bridge Width and is the gap above your nose connecting the two lenses. The glasses should not pinch your nose or be too loose.

    136: is the Arm's Length and should be long enough to sit comfortably on your ears. It's anywhere between 132- 145mm

  • The Fit Guide:
  • For a easy check on whether the womens or mens glasses you bought will make the right fit, here are few pointers:

    1.The top of the frame should not exceed your brows

    2.A keyhole nose bridge is an easy way to get the right fit

    3.The lens should not stick on your cheeks

    4.The frame width should not be more than the ends of your eyebrows

    Prescription Glasses Online

  • DIY Measurements:

If the measurements are not mentioned on the glasses here is how you can do it yourself using a simple ruler or measuring tape in millimeters:

1.Frame width: Measure horizontally across the entire front of the frame from one temple end to another.

2.Lens height: Start from the top centre of the prescription lens to the bottom centre vertically.

3.Arm length: Measure from the connecting hinge of the frame to the tip where the arms just begin to bend. Then measure from the top on bend to the bottom. Now add up to get the temple length.

4.Nose bridge: Measure from the edge of one prescription lenses to the other right where they connect at the connect bridge.

Not just stylish prescription glasses buy you can also buy prescription sunglasses online at Optically, with amazing discounts and options to customize the lenses.

Plus, you get free shipping and a 100% satisfaction guarantee on every product you purchase!

Now that you know how to get that perfect pair, log online to optically.ca and shop to your heart's content!