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How to pick glasses for business formals?

 Prescription Glasses
June 14, 2018
Published By Sophie Smith

Styling yourself for work is one hell of a task, especially when you have to dress in formals. That calls for every piece of your accessory being ace to the T.

If you are a prescription glass wearer then matching your glasses to your attire correctly is something that cannot escape you.

You and your glasses share a deep held relationship and there is no way you could even imagine a day without them. They are your coolest fashion accessory.

Gone are the days when prescription glasses were the oh so serious kinds and labelled as the geek. Today everyone seems to be styling a pair of trendy eyeglasses that gives them that complete look for the outfit they are wearing.

When it comes to your work, that demands 80% of your entire day dressing up well is important and what's more important is getting that right pair of glasses!

Here are points to remember when picking out glasses for your business formals!


Black and grey remain the undefeated classics of the century, especially when they colour prescription glasses. They are versatile, easy to style and their monochromatic nature makes it simple to blend in any suit or tie that you wear. They have always been the best bet.

If you wish to experiment with colour stick to neutrals instead of bold textures. You can go for the deep navy or tortoise shell for instance, that's something that can match almost anything with flair too.

full rimmed prescription glasses


Oversized glasses are the thing of the season and work perfectly with any dress code. Thick rims or minimalistic rims both do well too with formal outfits. The conventional rectangle and round does good to any face shape and type, accentuating the right features of your persona.

Avoid geometrical or quirky shapes, they go a little informal instead stick to streamlined frames that are easy to style.


Shopping online for affordable designer glasses is what you must contemplate, especially when they are at great prices on Optically.ca and available in a tremendous variety to choose from. We have a plethora of options to pick from in blacks, greys and monochromes in full rimmed, half rimmed and rimless glasses.

So next time you are picking yourself a suit, make sure to treat your eyes formally to a brilliant pair of prescription glasses.

Hop online to optically.ca and muse your eyes in style.