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How to Pick glasses for Diamond faces?

prescription sunglasses
June 08, 2018
Published By Sophie Smith

Prescription glasses help you correct your vision and style your eyes effortlessly if you get the right pair that compliments your face type.

There are so many designs of frames to buy from especially when you are shopping for glasses online that the array of textures, colours and shapes might just baffle you.

A diamond face shape is classified by a wider middle and a narrow top and bottom. Like full cheeks that sit in line with your broad chin.

Say if you drew a shape of the outline of your face the middle would be extending out forming a clear diamond shape. This is one the rarest face shapes to find but is also the most high and dramatic.

Well fret not, the great news is that there are many options you can pick from that will suit your face type.

The idea of styling a diamond face is to pull attention to the eyes and buff the wider edges, by softening the angular features of your face.

Here are top picked glasses that will perfectly compliment your cheekbones!

Cat-eye :

Cat-eye is an all time favourite shape since it's so versatile, feminine and chic. This two tone frame denotes exuberance and modesty in its black grey nature. Made in wide rimmed acetate the frame is lightweight and durable. The arms are encased in shimmering acetate that add a final oomph to it.


A flattering shape for a diamond face, these frames are angular and the extended temples add a creative elegance to the overall look. The use of black and gold is a classic make heads turn design.The indented arms are a added twist.


Wide rectangular glasses are an all time favourite pick for regulars and everyone seems to have started off with it. These ones in black are urban and on trend glasses that narrow in attention to your nose. The temple tips in copper gold are a classy touch

Horn Rimmed

Horn rimmed glasses are a distinguished pair with the extended temples. These frames in black upper rim and silver bottom are your goto fashion to strut in style absolutely anywhere. They can take you from jeans to dress in one change of outfit.

Half Rimmed

Half rimmed glasses are a mature pick to go for, they are minimalistic yet modern, especially the ones below are light and comfortable in make and the eccentric angular frame is sure to make heads turn.

You can go in for textures and colours of your choice in these styles of frames. Hop online to optically.ca and shop for affordable designer glasses today!