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How To Rock That Stylish Look for Everyday Wear Glasses? Some Makeup Tips

designer glasses frames
August 08, 2018
Published By Sophie Smith

Fashion Your Focus on Your Eyes with Glasses On!

Do your eyes get lost behind the frames on your face? Do you want to rock a pair of designer glasses frames without dumping them for regular wear? The trick to make your glasses sexy is all about applying the best makeup and letting your frames speak a thousand words!

Play up your Glasses

Playing up your glasses is a must. You should not hide your glasses and feel less attractive. In order for you to bag a fantasy date with the man of your dreams, follow a few tips that can assure you a chic look in the long run.

Cast a ‘shadow’

When you wear specs, your prescription glasses cast a shadow below the eyes. If you have a dark rim around your eye, your glasses then plays it up even more. You should use a good concealer that is a shade lighter than the foundation you use. This helps brighten the eye and helps blend in well with your eyeglasses. You could also use a blender brush or even a stipple brush that helps you blend in the concealer well on your face.

Wet is out

Avoid the liquid foundation religiously. It’s more like your evil step sister that blotches your makeup. Swap a liquid foundation with a dry a powdery one. Use a powder brush that can be dipped into the powder and tapped on the face. Wipe off the excess powder on the brush and apply evenly on your face. You can already see the difference in your face.

Match that look

When you wear eyeglasses, the more the eye makeup the better it looks when the shade of the pupil of the eye matches the titanium glasses frames on your face. Opt for bold and sexy colors that play up the features on your face including your eyes. Try a smoky look and play up the eyes. A sultry and mysterious look awaits you!

prescription glasses

Sometimes your eyebrows get lost behind the glasses. There are pairs of glasses online that can actually put the brows in the forefront. It is pertinent that you showcase the brows when you add makeup to your face. Pluck and wax them while adding a little browline powder. Gently trace the natural shape of your brows. The bottom arc of your brow is the darkest point that can add definition to your face.

Creaseless Contours

Finally, try and contour your face with a contour pencil. This helps your face get an extra pop and freshness. If you are interested in buying eyewear that entices and matches your makeup technique, shop online for prescription sunglasses and designer frames at Optically. We offer you amazing discounts and brand new variety in glasses!