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Optically's Best Range of Sunglasses to Get You Ready for this Summer!

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March 07, 2017
Published By Sophie Smith

My mum calls my dad a Snowbird. When I was a kid, he used to travel to the south every summer to enjoy the sandy beaches and tropical waters and that is how I got into the habit of taking summer trips. So, since my 17th birthday, I have taken a trip with my friends every summer and may I tell you the planning begins way before the summer arrives. Four months to go and we are all ready with our plan. This summer me and my friends are heading to Georgian Bay for 10 days. With its never ending list of islands and thousands of kilometers of shoreline, I can imagine me and my friends hiking, biking, canoeing, RVing and doing all kinds of summer activities. Everyday I am dreaming about me sitting by the lake on a bright yellow muskoka chair, wearing a hat, sunglasses and with a pop in my hand. Aaaah, Beauty! So, I have almost gathered all my things or I must say made a list (in my head) of all the things I would like to take with me and what tops my list this time is a sexy, sassy pair of sunglasses. For me, it’s prescription sunglasses I am extremely particular about my eyewear as I have been wearing glasses since I was a kid and owning the right pair is a big deal for me And where do I go for all my eyeglasses needs? ….yes yes, you guessed it right, at https://www.optically.ca/


So let me give you a quick review of Optically’s best collection of sunglasses but, before that a tiny little guide on how shopping for glasses online actually works. Optically has made online shopping experience very easy, comfortable and friendly for it’s users. To select a simple frame, all you need to do is, select the size, shape, material, colour and frame type from the listed options, enter specifications like the type of lenses you want, the type of vision you are looking for like bifocal, varifocal and submit a prescription if you have any and you are done. In no time you will get the perfect pair of glasses you are looking for. But, the best thing that Optically offers is a ‘virtual try on’ feature which can be used on any device. You can adjust your selected frame and try it on on any of your photograph to see how it looks. Simple, eh? Every frame that you will order will come with a thin 1.56 index prescription lense, free scratch resistant coating and a case with microfibre cloth for cleaning. Your placed order, can also be tracked and if you do not feel satisfied, you can always return it within 90 days of placing the order. The price range starts from just $9 with a 100% cash back guarantee on the frames.


Gucci Gg 3788 Lwddx - $280

But, our focus here is sunglasses. Designer sunglasses, prescription sunglasses….all kinds of sunglassessimlie The most important part of buying sunglasses is when you have to decide what type and shape you want to go for. I really don’t believe in the whole ‘this suits that face structure’ kind of stuff. If you love wearing sunglasses and if you can have the luxury of owning a few, why not own a few then Who cares if they do not suit your face, you know you look good and that is all. Like me, I own three smoking hot pair of sunglasses all bought online at really affordable prices with good quality. And now I am aiming for my fourth pair, of course from Optically.ca and this time I desperately want a cateye frame from Marc Jacobs. Though , there are other brands that I can choose from like Gucci, Fendi, Fossil, Hugo Boss, Gant, Puma, Espirit, Lacoste, Guess, Dior and Jimmy Choo but, this time, I got my heart fixed on this one. So, talking about frame types in sunglasses, the options available for you are round, aviator, wayfarers, cateye, rectangular and oval. The most trending frames, also owned by most of my friends are the aviators, cateye and round framed sunglasses. Optically has an extensive range of sunglasses when it comes to aviators. You will find brands like Polaroid, Opium, Converse and so many others, it will boggle your mind. Aviators have always been glasses a class part. They portray grace, elegance and sophistication. I have always been a huge fan of aviators and yes, I do own one from Polaroidsimlie On the other hand, I find cateye very chic and bitchy but yet, CLASSY. They can pep up your fashion quo in no time. Optically Canada, has some of the best cateye frames trending today. You will find the best of Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Carrera, Jimmy Choo and Fendi. Cateye frames bring out a woman’s femininity in a very special way. You feel like a girl next door but, with a ladylike charm. And for all the nerdy yet sexy people out there, you can have the round framed sunglasses from Optically. Their collection is super interesting. You can portray a potterhead or a sexy librarian with these round framed glasses. Best ones that I like on Optically are the Gucci and Walden round frames. Perfectly round, perfectly stylish!!

Prescription Glasses

Carrera 3 202ff - $168

Optically’s sunglasses section hosts a well blended and versatile collection of sunglasses.You will never be disappointed and will always land up buying the best. With sunglasses as well, you can choose any kind of lenses, from basic standard ones to ultra thin ones. All these lenses come with different indexes and protective covering. A buyer can choose from the different thoughtfully designed packages for different lense types. With sunglasses you can also select the kind of tint you want for your lenses. There is a whole range of colours you can choose from, pink, blue, grey, whichever you want. So, Optically gives you everything ready on a platter. All you need to know is what kind of sunglasses you wish to have. It’s easy, isn’t it? There is reason why I shop for all my eyewear from Optically.

So, yes! I guess I am not going to waste another minute and hit the ‘buy now’ button on https://www.optically.ca/ right away. My this summer trip shall be one of my best. I am going go hiking and camping the stylish and sexy way. Can’t wait to put those sunglasses on. Go take vacations guys. Life is too short and whenever you get a chance to have some well deserved fun, have it!! Alone, with or without friends….doesn’t matter. But, always remember if you are doing it, do it with style!!