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Oversized Glasses and Why Must you Get them?

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December 17, 2018
Published By Ella Thompson

It's Time to Get Yourself Oversized!

We have come a long way when it comes to prescription glasses canada! From the chunky acetates, to the minimalist round, the geek chic look has gained a lot of popularity and even non prescription holders are indulging in some trendy glasses!

With the variety of affordable glasses online, you can style differently at different events and occasions. You can wear clubmasters to your wedding, or rimless to your conference, maybe cat-eye for that brunch?

With amazing offers and discounts on designer prescription glasses online at Optically you can get more than one pair to style each event right. A much loved style that you must own immediately is Oversized glasses, they are the perfect retro inspiration for the urban hustle.

Oversized glasses remind us of our roots, and we can never do away with vintage styles can we. There is mystical air these frame styles carry. With the latest styles of Canada eyeglasses at Optically, Oversized glasses has got a modern revamp to compliment any personality effortlessly.

Oversized glasses for me spells an artist, or a designer- those creative nutheads that are bold with their expression while being minimalistic in their fashion. From teens, to millenials to corporates- a lot of people are embracing this fashion statement for the bespoke style statement it makes, while incorporating almost all types of prescriptions.

Here are Optically’s top picks for this season in Oversized Glasses!

Aviators will always remain our first love! These golden rimmed glasses work perfectly for an adventurous soul with a boisterous heart at just $34!

Nothing can beat the class that black and translucence bring together! Get these bulky acetate frames for just $30!

Tortoise shell is grey just spells sophistication! And getting that in slight cat-eye is surely going to make some heads turn for just $45!

A black pair is a must have for all working professionals. Make that unforgettable mark at you next meeting or a presentation with these sassy square glasses at just $77!

You can use the Virtual Mirror and see how all these Oversized styles look on you and make that perfect pick to strut right. You can also get these made in prescription sunglasses by selecting the tint, colour and type of lenses!

Optically, is the best place to buy prescription sunglasses online too, with leading designer labels on a flat 30% off and free prescription lenses, getting the most trendy eyewear for the sun affairs is a lot more convenient and logical bet to make!

Flexibility, affordability and quality- Optically is your trustworthy friend when it comes to glasses!