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Polarized and Anti Glare: What’s the Difference?

Prescription glasses
November 14, 2018
Published By Ella Thompson

Glare the Cause of Concern?

Your prescription eyewear is not just defined by the frame design but also by the type of lenses that you use in them. Anti-glare and Polarized lenses help improve vision clarity by reducing the digital or sunlight glare reflecting off the lenses.

Polarized Lenses VS Anti-Glare (AR) Coating:

Both lenses improve clarity, help in driving in the night and eliminate reflections from horizontal surfaces and water. Quite a few people get confused when buying designer glasses online and wonder if these are the same.

Polarized lenses are crafted to be used outdoors. Let's take fishing as an example, if the sun is low in the horizon then it will reflect a lot of glare, polarized lenses will clear out the surface of the lake by reducing the glare.

Anti-Glare or AR Coating reduces glare reflected on the prescription lenses or glass. It filters the digital glare caused by computers. While driving at night, it reduces the reflections caused by oncoming headlights.

Polarized lenses cannot be used on digital screens as they distort the screens. You can get polarized lenses when you buy prescription sunglasses online to brace that adventure in the mountains or a road trip right!

Get an Anti-glare coating when you buy designer prescription glasses online for added comfort. At Optically, all the prescription glasses come with 1.56 index lenses and an AR coating at no additional cost!

How the Lenses Work?

Anti-reflective coating is a chemical layer applied on the surface of the lenses. This enables more light to pass through the lenses thus reducing the light that reflects off them ,hence less glare!

Polarized works in an absolute different fashion. They have a polarized coating pressed between two layers of glass. Polarization is the process of absorbing light waves from a certain direction. Horizontal light reflected of flat surfaces like snow, or water, plain roads is absorbed in the case of polarized lenses.

Prescription sunglasses

Why Get Them?

While driving in the night, the halos around car headlights are quite distracting, even bright lights can momentarily blind you in any setting. Not to forget, the damaging glare of the computer screen. Adventures in the sun can be sharper too. When your vision is clearer, it automatically reduces the eye-strain.

Why Optically?

Find the trendiest designs of womens and mens glasses ca at Optically, at prices that suit every budget and prescription lenses that can be customized to your preference!

For making wearing sunglasses or eyeglasses canada a comfortable affair choose AR Coating or Polarized while customizing your prescription lenses with the glasses you have selected.