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Specs Appeal: How to Choose Glasses for Your First Interview?

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August 16, 2018
Published By Ella Thompson

3 Best Visually Tempting Eyeglasses for Your First Interview

Never mind a firm handshake, a killer smile or a stylish personality; interviewers are bowled over by a job applicant who sports trendy glasses online.

A third of adults above 30, consider prescription glasses to be an intelligent sartorial choice at interviews. Statistics reveal that most consider individuals with glasses to be smarter than the average bloke!

Many individuals, who also put on prescription sunglasses, feel they look fashionable and more attractive come rain or shine.

How can you, by simply putting on a pair of eyeglasses, look wiser? Adding weight to this perception, spectacles can create quite a stir in the front row!

Perhaps due to the way most of us are conditioned by television shows and films, typically an intelligent and nerdy character often wears glasses. Over a period of time, we picked up this belief and think highly of those who wear spectacles.

If you have doubts about your interview attire before going to a particular company, you should ask the recruiter about what is appropriate for the meeting. For years, we have stashed away our eyeglasses considering it to be a banal necessity.

But the fact remains that a crisper, sharper and well groomed appearance appeals to potential employers.

Dress to Impress

Research argues that a connection exists between intelligent people and frequent reading habits. Those who read frequently commonly wear eyeglasses that correct vision. Most consider wearing glasses on job interviews as a good sign for things to come. A bespectacled person often signals that it’s time to get down to business. Men with rimless glasses are additionally considered to be fast workers.

One thing is certain- it definitely does not hurt to wear a pair of clear frames on a job interview. Intelligent boardroom battles have smart workers that are self confident and knowledgeable. Glasses are unapologetic and exude confidence and professionalism.

Here are 3 top best selling frames at Optically.ca that can help you stay on top of your game at interviews:

rectangle glasses frame

Cool Blue

This is a simple and sophisticated unisex pair of all day wear glasses for both men and women. The brand logo is emblazoned on each of the arms. These are flexible and help secure the frames on the nose bridge. The rectangular frames have a relaxed finish and can be worn to work interviews.

prescription glasses

Black is Back

This simple but effective black frame helps you gain comfort and a firm grip on your face. The arms are classic black and have a well toned finish. You can buy this utterly modern pair at a discount this August 15 with free prescription lenses.

If you want to create a big impression on your interview panel, you need to own this passionate pink pair of women’s glasses. The clear frame choice with a pinkish hue is perfect for the boardroom huddle! As a woman you will bask in its beauty while the acetate body with roundish frames suits all types of faces. You also have metallic arms with golden edges for great comfort. We guarantee a 24 hour despatch.

womens glasses

A Study in Pink

All day comfort and crystal clear vision are important factors when you decide on these famous designer pairs. You can find other cooler options at Optically.ca. Select brand new designer eyeglasses online at discount prices and get free prescription lenses!