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Stylish Glasses for Computer Use!

prescription glasses
October 09, 2018
Published By Ella Thompson

Top Picks: Glasses for Digital Strain

Prescription glasses not just correct vision but work as a great fashion accessory to denote your style.You will notice a lot of non prescription holders also sport a pair to effortlessly complete their outfits right.

While we strive to get our style to the T while ruthlessly working on our digital devices, we forget the damage that the digital glare can cause our eyes. It's time that we are aware and pick a pair of glasses that have the digital blue coat that can prevent any eye strain or discomfort.

We cannot do away with our laptops, phones and tablets just yet and neither can we compromise on style or our eye health. But when we look where to buy cheap prescription glasses online, we can pick out a fashion forward frame while making sure we select the Digital Blue Coat for the lenses.

To make your search easier, we at Optically have hand picked 5 frame styles that you can make your stylish computer glasses!

Blue is always such a bespoke colour to match any skin tone while looking gorgeous, everyone must add these streamlined round acetates to their collection!

If you are up for some fun then throw in some bright pink in your boring wardrobe! Bold and peppy, this frame is sure to light up work.

Nothing can beat the grandeur of thin metal glasses right? These sleek round glasses are so matured and chic to wear at work!

An absolute must have in your wardrobe with or without prescription! Clubmasters are this gen rockstar glasses that work great with formal no fuss attires!

Buy titanium glasses online and never go out of style ever again! Timeless and minimalist, they are the formal epitome you can never go wrong with.

Optically features over 33 thousand affordable prescription glasses online that are crafted to suit every fashion preference and personality. The website is very user friendly, with filters that let you find your perfect pair with ease and giving you the option to customize each pair with the coating you require.

You can simply upload your prescription and choose the thickness of your prescription lenses, with the standard being 1.56 index and the thinnest being 1.76 index. The thinner the lens, the more lighter it sits on your nose.

You can also find cheap prescription sunglasses Canada at Optically, your one stop solution for bespoke eyewear where you can choose the tint and gradient that you want. What's more is that you can also pick a prescription glasses frame and make it into sassy sunglasses giving you limitless options to experiment!