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The Sensational Brow Bar Prescription Glasses!

prescription glasses
August 07, 2018
Published By Sophie Smith

Trends 2018: Brow Bar Prescription Glasses

Eyewear is not just a necessity but has become an essential fashion accessory that defines your personality. Thanks to Alessandro Michael, the geek chic look is now bracing ramps and celebrity wardrobes.

You don't need a prescription anymore to don the nerdy look, as a matter of fact prescription glasses are the new chic in town. The shapes, styles and colours are sure to make anyone want to own at least one pair!

Too much of browsing Netflix, facebook and work on computers is increasing the time spent on digital devices, thus causing eye-strain and making everyone grab a swanky pair of digital blue coat reading glasses or womens glasses.

So, glasses are not restricted to just the prescription, but they relentlessly protect your eyes while you drive, work and play!

What's amazing is the style that each pair will dictate, so you can experiment new looks! Rimless Glasses for the Matured look? Clubmaster for the Rockstar Look? Cat-eye for the Fierce Feline?

Amidst all the fashion forward frames, there is a retro inspired frame that is causing quite a mayhem! The Brow Bar Glasses!

Little did we know that the design requested by Army Air Corps in 1940’s, The Aviators will style the legendary brow bar to ease sweat off the pilots forehead, will become a urban sensation!

Brow bar sits parallel to your nose bridge outlining your temples, like its name suggests the brow detail! Earlier was made into leather and suede to absorb seat that caused obstruction while playing sports or flying an aircraft.

We did lose it in the 1980’s with new upcoming styles, but look its back and how! Very boho and quirky for some, while others think is elegant and sophisticated. Either ways, it sure make heads turn since you got to have quite a personality to be flaunting these beauties!

We have picked out for you the best styles that need to be added to your optical wardrobe immediately!

The classic Aviators in a new Avataar, half rimmed and teardrop lenses is your simplest bet!

Sleek, minimalist and bold these golden rimmed frames balanced on the brow bar is quite a thing!

Chunky acetate in brown two tone with a hint of grey is coupled with metal brow bar and nose bridge to rock that esemble!

Metal and acetate work best in monochrome of black and white with silver joints to set fashion standards!

The Oxford look, or the Professor look in a glossy acetate round glasses is classy as hell!

Matte black frames with a tortoise shell acetate brow bar is a very vintage style to be wearing!

Spare, New Pair, Gift to Someone or a Mens Glasses Surprise- Brow Bar Prescription Glasses make the perfect companion for bespoke style and what place best than to get glasses online at Optically.ca, where affordability meets style in modern sensibilities!