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The Unstoppable You!

Glasses Online
March 30, 2017
Published By Mr. Manish Keswani, Co founder, Optically.ca

It’s something my grandfather told me at 12. I remember, he wore fully rimmed eyeglasses - acetates as they are now known and plastic specs as I then called them. He owned no more than a pair of glasses at any given point of time. And , given the middle - class upbringing we had, he always bought the most affordable glasses that existed. As I grew up, I continued to believe that I am unstoppable.

Did I ever think that being unstoppable was probably hereditary? My heart yearns to hear that phrase from him - “You’re unstoppable Manish’’. It’s probably this, that sowed the seed of enabling people to buy glasses online. You know the sheer joy of seeing our customers buying glasses from Toronto, ordering for eyeglasses from Vancouver, buying sunglasses from Montreal….It’s so gratifying. I received an email from someone who ordered 6 pairs of glasses from Ottawa. He was thankful that Optically.ca had made eyeglasses so affordable. A call from a couple in Calagary made my day when I saw a member of the customer service team beam a bright smile. This couple wanted their pair of Rx eyeglasses delivered at their family home in Regina and their glasses got their a day earlier than promised.


Actually I am overwhelmed that we made eyeglasses so affordable in Canada. Actually I am not. It’s not about our eyeglasses being bought online in Canada that overwhelms me, it’s the memory of my grand-dad that does. He taught me my first lesson in frugality. Today, I think to myself, it’s probably that, which helps us keep even the highest quality of eyeglasses so affordable. “This one is for you Daddy”. We used to call our grand - dad, daddy. And this one is for all you wonderful customers of ours in Canada. All of you who buy eyeglasses online. We know you seek value. You want the best possible Rx glasses and sunglasses that money can buy and you want it at the lowest price. We respect you for that. That’s how we have been brought up and that’s what we are proud of being able to deliver. You make us unstoppable. Hey, It’s just the unstoppable you!

Much gratitude Canada. Thank you for loving our glasses. You are unstoppable!

Mr. Manish Keswani

The writer is the co founder of Optically Inc, a company that owns Optically.ca