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Titanium Prescription Glasses For Men And Women!

Workplace Prescription Glasses Are A Must Have!
September 06, 2017
Published By Sophie Smith

Titanium glasses are one of the best when it comes to Optical solutions. If you are looking for strong, light and durable glasses, then titanium glasses will do justice. Optically Canada offers an excellent collection of titanium prescription glasses online. Compared to acetate frames, titanium frames are more suitable. They have a corrosion free property which makes the glasses last long.

Optical wardrobe has become a necessity nowadays even if you don’t have any vision correction. It is because of our lifestyle and working hours. Almost all of us spend 6-7 hours in front of digital screens. This makes it important to wear glasses. The harmful rays can cause many eye related problems. And if you are a regular glasses wearer, then titanium glasses are a must have.

Why titanium glasses?

  • It is featherlight.

  • Corrosion free metal.

  • Strong and durable as compared to acetate frames.

  • Made to give comfort and sophisticated look.

  • It is flexible and less prone to damage.


Choose from semi-rimmed, full-rimmed and rimless titanium glasses. We have a great variety of men’s glasses and women’s glasses. Browse through our range of titanium glasses and pick the frames you love by placing an order. Also, send us your prescription, and we’ll customise the glasses for you. Buying glasses online with Optically is fun, easy and cost-effective. Titanium glasses can be easily pulled off with any outfit. They not only elevate your style quotient but are super comfortable.

Then what are you waiting for? Buy premium quality glasses at Canada’s lowest price. Frames that are custom made and provide 100% satisfaction. Our titanium glasses come with flexi nose pads that makes it more comfortable for the glasses wearer. So, go ahead and buy yourself a stylish and trendy pair of titanium prescription glasses!