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Trendy Reading Glasses: Don't let your style age with you!

reading glasses online
July 11, 2018
Published By Sophie Smith

Gone are the days when reading fine print was a cake walk, now even holding it at an arm's distance makes it blurrier!

Presbyopia, is an age related vision concern, that affects almost all individuals over the age of 40 with time. Age causes muscles flexibility to weaken hence restricting movement, now take this into the context of eyes. The eyeball hardens with age thus reducing the periphery of vision.

Unlike long and short sightedness that is determined with a positive or a negative power, reading concerns are determined by the intensity of magnifying your require.

So here come the reading glasses! Honestly, you could pick them up from your local convenience store but they could be a rip off and extremely dull, as usually they at the counters for emergencies!

Besides, the magnifying power needs to be determined at your optometrists office because a wrong one can cause more strain leading to graver eye concerns early on.

Does that mean that you cannot be stylish anymore? Hell NO! Don't let your age define your style, you can be as sassy and chic as you wish to be with the right pair of prescription glasses.

You will be wearing your reading glasses quite often, and settling for a basic boring pair is just not OK, at least not when Optically offers affordable designer glasses online, that are trendy, trustworthy and high quality.

With over 36 designer labels featured with Optically, every glass they provide comes with 1.56 index lenses and anti glare coating making them comfortably durable.

Here are top 5 womens glasses online that you must consider in your next buy:


Floral is a stunning texture to opt for when choosing your regulars, it's fun and has a never go wrong twist, when coupled with round glasses it is flirty elegance in lightweight acetate!

Kaprista: $80

Earthy palettes are just so beautiful in any tone and this frame in a soft brown works such class in metal cat-eye glasses, that is timeless and simple.

Neola : $53

Two tone is a head turning combination when it comes to acetate. This stark pair is embedded with silver sparkle for the final creative touch!

NIneteenth Street: $53

Dare to go retro with these minimalistic frames in modern aviator style. Supported only on the nose bridge, it is bold and stylish.

Walden: $27

Oversized and cat-eye are spectacular together, and when you get an textured brow line its here to create spurs for sure! The upper rim is animal printed and the arms in grey, with the base frame in black sure is unique!

If you are still thinking which one to muse your eyes with, then give the Virtual Try On a shot. Optically virtually lets you try all the featured frames helping you decide which one suits you best, without having to step into a store! Just upload your close-up picture and click on any frame you want to check on you.

So, beautiful people don't forget to love your eyes just as they love you and treat them to a rejuvenating style today!