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Ways to Help the Color of your Eye Pop with Shine!

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August 22, 2018
Published By Ella Thompson

Beauty Tricks that Play Up Drama with your Eyes!

Are you style diva who likes to buy designer glasses online? Are your eyes the most treasured asset on your face? Your eyes are the first thing that an outsider notices when they look at you.

These pair of peepers can look mysterious and beautiful if you add shine, color and sparkle to them. Brown and green, hazel and blue, eye color can simply pop out with confidence.

Play up these amazing tricks to make your eyes look visibly exceptional.

Colorful Clothing

When you have light green or blue eyes, you should wear dark clothing for contrast. Denims and medium blue navy items can also augment your eye color. Deep reds or burgundy serve as a stunning foil to brown eyes. Most wearers who have a golden glowing pupil that help stand out against the crowd; wear pale yellows and deep greens.


When you buy prescription glasses online, you don’t want to be limited to a few color choices and bring out the best colors in accessories. You can consider wearing a matching scarf with your pair of glasses. Wearing a hat pulled low on your forehead can indeed look dressy and feminine.

Another great way to play up your eyes is by wearing jewelry that enhances your eye color and presents a regal look with stunning brown eyes. Silver jewelry goes well with blue and green eyes and turquoise styles never go out of fashion.

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Frame Fatale

Buy rimless glasses that look classy and enhance your eye appeal. Frames that may hide your eyes may not be suitable for that dressy look in summer and autumn. If you have dark colored eyes, consider frameless styles or silvery frames that look amazing.

Color them Bright

Enhance your eye makeup by using brown eyeshadow and mascara. The bluer your eyes, the less eye colour you should apply. Green eyes look fabulous with any color eye shadow and mascara can help accentuate your lashes. Apply good mascara that uncurls the eye lashes and gives it volume.

Hair Hues

Your hair color when you dress your eyes. Hair that has red undertones matches great with green and brown eyes. Blond hair looks great with deep and dark eyes. Show off your peepers in style when you tint your hair.

Whatever you choose to wear, remember to sparkle bright when you buy prescription sunglasses online. Your eyes are the windows to the soul, so take good care of these visual delights!