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Ways to Look Fashionable with Braces

round frame glasses
August 06, 2018
Published By Sophie Smith

Ace those Looks with Dental Braces!

No matter what your age, from 14 to 40, you could capture the fashion look with trendy designer prescription glasses. Additionally, with braces on your teeth, you can still look attractive and feel younger and beautiful. If celebs like Prince Harry, Gwen Stefani and Tom Cruise flash braces with flair, you could too.

Must Do with Braces

Dental braces look great with a snazzy haircut. This is a sure shot way of turning heads. A new hairdo along with some of the most stylish designer glasses frames cuts off years from your face. A fresh and sharp hairstyle helps you look more comfortable and brings to attention your eyes, jawline and cheekbones. Colorful braces help create an effervescence that is worth a stare!

Opt for colored braces that look less boring and moisturized lips look wow with a capital W. You can just about spruce things up with lip balm, designer lip gloss or even some candy colored lip wear.

If you are presentably dressed, wearing the right accessories, you would look fantastic! Fashionable prescription sunglasses could steal attention from your braces and flash a brand new geeky look. When you accessorize like wearing a new scarf or even getting a bracelet the color of your braces, you help seal fashion in brand new ways this season.

Remember to wear face makeup that covers your cheeks and lips. A good accentuated lip will draw smiles. When you have braces on, remember to pair it on with a bright hue. If you are in love with pastel hues like beige and browns, then flash these on your lips. Clean your mouth regularly and ensure that the braces are spotlessly clean; these should not be stained or streaked.

Smile on Crazy Diamond!

Do not, for even a moment, forget to smile confidently. Your smile reflects your personality and helps show what you have inside of you. This may sound silly, but practice flashing smiles in front of the mirror. You can practice some simple stretches and find a smile that suits your personality. Keep your lips parted and show some glee. Learning to smile everyday is critical to making a fashion statement.

prescription glasses

Choose titanium glasses frames and other delectable designer styles in eyewear. Pair these with your million watt smile. You are sure to keep the heads turning and make a big impression! At Optically, we help you brandish the best eyewear even with braces!