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What are the best ways to keep your spectacles clean?

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May 16, 2018
Published By Sophie Smith

Every eyeglass wearer loves to put on their crystal-clear lenses spectacles. Wouldn't it be great if your glasses were always clean and streak free? However, lenses are prone to get smudged, and can easily become dirty if touched or worn in dusty environments. Being able to use clean lens glasses does not only ensures better vision, but it also lengthens the lifespan of your glasses.

Cleaning your prescription glasses inappropriately can damage lenses even if they have an anti-scratch coating. Optically Canada provides a few tips on what are the best ways to keep your spectacles cleans. In this blog, we will be talking about the right ways and the wrong ways of taking care of your glasses.

Prescription glasses

Do’s :

  • Always wash your hand before handling your glasses, especially, if you have dealt with any dirt or greasy substance.

  • Avoiding touching the lens as much as possible.

  • Use a gentle liquid soap to clean your lens

  • Make use of lukewarm water to rinse off the soapy water.

  • Use a clean and soft microfiber cloth to wipe your lenses.

  • Always place your glasses in glasses case to avoid any damage.

  • Make use of both your hands while removing or wearing glasses.

  • Whenever you are not using your spectacles, place them in the eyeglasses case.


  • Don’t wipe your glasses using your shirt or handkerchief.

  • Avoid using any harmful chemical based solution to clean your lenses such as window cleaning or detergent liquid.

  • Do not handle your glasses in a carefree manner - be careful about placing and storing your specs when not in use.

  • Do not use your glasses while performing any physical activity.

Prescription glasses

Make this cleaning regimen as part of your daily routine and try to follow it religiously. Developing a proper cleaning and maintenance regimen of your lens will give years of optimized, distortion-free vision. Damaged lenses lead to glare, visual exhaustion, and lessens optical clarity. So remember to clean your glasses regularly in the correct way.