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What you don't know about Readers

 Prescription Sunglasses
July 05, 2018
Published By Sophie Smith

Prescription glasses are used to correct vision.Vision is usually affected due to the structure of the eyeball, which affects the light falling on the retina to process the visual to the brain.

In Layman's, you can call it the missing sharpness in the image- more blurred but visible.

Short sightedness is called myopia as your vision is clear while reading, working on the computer i.e for short distance but poor vision with a long distance or farther objects .This is a result of the elongation of eyeball causing the eye tissue to focus on front of the eye.

Long sightedness is called hypermetropia which occurs due to the flattening of eye leading to light focussing on the back of the retina. It results in clearer vision for far sighted objects but poor vision with nearby objects.

Reading vision concern is called presbyopia which occurs due to the hardening of the eyeball making it difficult to adjust to fine print. Presbyopia is a specific type of vision related concern caused due to age making people difficulty in seeing objects at arm's length.

Now that you can identify your vision concern and realise your requirement for reading glasses below we have answered some of the common questions you may have while purchasing your new designer glasses online or as they call it readers.

  • When do you need Readers?

You find yourself squinting and straining your eyes while you are reading the newspaper, hotel menu or any fine print at arm's length. You realise that holding it at arms length and craning your neck helps seeing a little better.

  • Do Readers have the same power?

Power in readers are determined by their magnifying scope unlike prescription glasses that correct vision. It ranges from +1.0 to +3.50 and depends on the range of magnifying you may require. Visit your optometrist to get a correct power prescription and avoid using an old pair lying in your house without checking your requirement.

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  • Can I get readers off the convenience store?

Yes, readers are found in convenience stores and pharmacies which are discounted and cheap throw offs that may or may not be the right ones for you, thus not quite reducing the eye strain but worsening the condition. Best is to buy eyeglasses online where you get a variety and great offers on durable designer prescription glasses.

  • Are there types of lenses?

You can customize the lenses to make them anti-glare lenses or anti-reflective for more comfort and making the reader versatile in use, at home, in front of computer, reading, driving et al. If you already own a pair of reading glasses you can ship them to us and get your glasses online with the choice of lens you require by availing our reglaze glasses service.

You can choose from bifocals or multifocal lenses that give you reading and long/short sight correction together.

  • How can I pick the best reading glass?

You don't have to compromise on style anymore. At optically.ca you can choose from a variety of frames in titanium, rimless, full rimmed glasses and acetate designer glasses. Get the right style to bring out the best of your personality and to compliment you in comfortable elegance with affordable womens and mens glasses online at optically.ca.