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Why is it Fashionable To Wear Sunglasses Indoors?

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August 11, 2018
Published By Sophie Smith

Like to Wear Sunglasses Indoors? More than a Fashion Faux Pas

Across Canada, it’s a sunny and beautiful summer and you are tempted to buy your sunglasses online. Although much of the northern hemisphere is now in the midst of a heat wave, dark men’s glasses can be worn indoors as much of the outdoors.

Slipping on the dark prescription glasses indoors does not make you an object of scorn but rather it gives you an otherworldly look akin to rock stars and showstoppers!

Some of the most popular celebrities have popularized the wearing of sunglasses indoors. It’s true that John Glenn or even Toni Morrison never chose to wear these.

But Bob Dylan wore the coolest aviators to the White House to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom from the US President. Sunglasses are a treasured accessory for all ages and races.

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These dark shades are historically inseparable for the likes of Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles. Many people often reach for dark lenses because they are photophobic, a good many wear shades simply because of style or disguise the deformities in their eyes and face. Often sunglasses hide the shape and color of the individual’s eye and face, they also help cover burns and scars.

Sunglasses if worn indoors can help exude a certain amount of intimidation and express power by hiding emotional vulnerabilities.

You also look stylish and express a great aura and mystery of character if you wear dark tinted color shades. You also have a larger than sense of fashion if your clothes and eyewear are of the same color.

Gone are the days when a vast majority of people thought that wearing dark goggles indoors was an affectation. Old style Hollywood stars like Quincy Jones wore sunglasses to draw a strong reaction from the audience. Andy Warhol often turned up to formal events wearing yellow shades!

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Tinted eyewear does evoke a strong reaction among the populace; however, you may not be faced with an avalanche of vituperation if you wear these indoors. Non-rock stars hope that once they wear these colored shades indoors, they tap into the pop culture veneration.

The truth - most people prefer wearing sunglasses outdoors because it’s in vogue. But anyone who wears these in a face to face setting actually is actually just saying ‘I don’t care about you”.

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