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Why wayfarers are something you can never go wrong with?

 Prescription Sunglasses
June 22, 2018
Published By Sophie Smith

Prescription Sunglasses or prescription glasses, nothing can beat the conventional rectangle glasses right? They have been with us since inception of glasses, and probably the most common shape that everyone trusts.

Here's Why?

Easy to Style

Wayfarers are the never go wrong style, which means they can be styled with any outfit for any occasion. You can wear them for you adventurous road trip or a classy brunch around the corner. The rectangle shape curves facial edges giving you a more streamlined effect.

Versatile to Match

Rectangle and wide square is one frame shape that can suit all face types! Which means you can get a pair of affordable glasses online and style them effortlessly, without worrying if they could match your personality.

Durable in Acetate

Ofcourse metal is a retro classic when it comes to wayfarers, but they work best when in acetate. The malleable body makes it easy to design, sturdy in nature and light weight to the core. Acetate can be thin rimmed or thick rimmed, which makes it easier to fit faces.

We at optically.ca have compiled for you our top wayfarers that you must add to your optical wardrobe:

Black is and will always be the undeniable must have colour. With the accents at the temple, and broad arms in sleek frame this one is sure to turn heads.

See how textures brace acetate! These camouflage faint patterns make an irresistible combo. With wide arms, curved frames and a classic wayfarer style these are the urban touche to class.

Denim or blue gradient what would you like to call these brilliant pair of crusaders? The unique texture makes it fun and flirty, perfect to wear for your weekend getaways.

For colour lovers and summer embracers, tangerine is the colour you must to muse your quirky side. The bright translucent body with metal accents injects bright colour in any outfit you choose to wear.

Can it get any better, when sunglasses fold up to a marshmallow size! These tortoise shell classic by carrera as an ultimate rescuer to concise style!

Hop online to optically.ca and shop for these one of a kind prescription sunglasses today. You can experience our Virtual Try On mirror, to see how these frames actually look on you just by uploading your close up picture on our site.