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Are Your Sunnies in Your Safe Hands? Tips for a Longer Shelf Life

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July 27, 2018
Published By Sophie Smith

Tips for Your Sunglasses to Last Long

It is quite common to pay attention to validity dates for the food you buy at the supermarket or even the beauty products you have bought the day before.

Car seats too, have an expiration date! Truth to be told, even the prescription glasses online that you have yearned for, have a limited durability.

Vision Find

In a study recently conducted by vision researchers at the University Of Sao Paolo Brazil, it was revealed that sunglasses lose their UV blocking power over time. Is this an unnerving find?

Eye gear Longevity

As it turns out, sunglasses are often thrown into the bag without cases and are accidently dropped every now then! These may cause damage to the sun-blocking efficacy over a period of time. Although this is an interesting case in point, you need to take great care of your glasses to extend the shelf life of your facial gear. Getting another pair may every now and then may just be an expensive splurge, but caring for the old one is also desirable.

Do not dash into a one hand maneuver to remove the sunglasses every now and then. This almost loosens the screws of the gear and misaligns the eyepieces. The frames may just give away over time and the fitting may get loose.

Moving forward, many of us often clean our sunglasses with detergent wipes and soap. You should steer clear of ammonia and alcohol based products at all times.

Wash your sunglasses with damp cloth and dry the lenses with a microfiber cloth, specifically designed for this. At Optically, we offer an Essilor glazing that helps your sunglasses last long.

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Why choose Optically.ca?

Summers are best for the outdoors. But remember, you should never leave your sunglasses inside the car when you hit the road. On a warm day, these glasses may get damaged and the molds might just crack.

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At Optically, we offer a scratch resistant coating and your goggles come with a free case and a microfiber cloth. With a little bit of caution, your pair of vision sunglasses might just last longer.

There are two groups of people in this world; those that buy a new pair of prescription sunglasses at the slightest pretext and the other kind that finds a great pair and tries to make that last. If you are in that second group, you should pay attention now. So hurry! Select your discerning pair of women’s glasses from Optically.