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Too Dark Too Good?

round sunglasses
February 26, 2018
Published By Sophie Smith

Sunglasses are a fashion accessory both trendy and practical today. With Prescription Sunglasses everyone can easily style a pair in vogue!

Sunglasses are not just for sunshine but are sported fashionably indoors as well. Today, regardless of the weather you make sure to carry your chic companion along.

The multiple designs, frames and textures make you buy more than one pair to compliment your wardrobe and fit them in different events, occasions and moods.

We wouldn't dare stepping out in the sun without our beloved sunglasses, would we?.

We have heard about the rise in UV radiation but are we looking to care for our eyes better? Are we informed about the lenses in our current sunglasses?

UV rays can cause temporary to permanent blindness including cataracts, macular degeneration, pinguecula, pterygium, all of this in direct exposure to radiation over a prolonged period.

When we do done sunglasses all the time what actually means by better care? Does better care mean darker sunglasses?

Well to begin with, caring for eyes means getting the optimum sunglasses to protect against harmful rays. When we say optimum sunglasses, we all have the classic black or dark glasses to sport.

To bust a myth: Darker sunglasses do not always filter light better on the contrary strain the pupil to dilate to see better.

The darker the glass does not mean better the protection. As the performance against these rays is calculated against the direct light ident through the sunglass lenses.

Unless the glasses state they are UVA or UVB protected, the next question is how much protection? Ideally a 99% or more protection is required to feel carefree about your vision care.

Boss-Orange full rimmed glasses

Secondly, regardless of the colour there are specific lens that offer protection in terms of bending the light indent before it enters your eyes.

Science: Light enters cornea- creates visual- create experience

  • Blue Tinted lenses that are trending today feature lenses that are amber and reduce the direct impact on the eyes but creating a tinge instead of glare.

  • Polaroid lenses or anti glare lenses reduce the glare of light by letting it bounce off on your sunglass lens

  • Photochromic lenses change their gradient on exposure to light and get darker or lighter wherever necessary.

  • Mirror Coated or Reflectors limit the amount of light that enters your eye even on very bright days.

So we conclude that the darker your sunglass actually means restricting the amount of light that enters your lens, but if they are not checked to be 100% UV protected they are just not that good. There are lenses you can customize your sunglasses in to give you optimum protection.

Choose the latest designer frame of sunglasses and select the lens that you want at optically.ca and protect your vision in style! Wearing prescription sunglasses couldn't have been more fun when you can pick two in the price of one with us!