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How to get used to Progressive lenses?

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January 21, 2019
Published By Ella Thompson

Progressive Lenses and What you need to Know about them

You are sitting with your morning cup of tea and hold up the newspaper. You realize you cannot see it as clearly. You need to hold it up real close to understand the fine print. That's, when you realize that your vision has changed with age.

This is called as presbyopia and most of us over 40 experience mid age vision concerns. Unlike, short or long sightedness, this needs magnifying glasses called as reading glasses to correct.

If you are already using short or long sighted vision correction designer glasses, you need to incorporate your reading power in them or get a separate pair of prescription glasses to correct both of them.

To avoid the hassle of constantly switching between glasses comes the boon of bifocals, multifocal and this gens progressive glasses.

Over the counter glasses can help, but if you have already been wearing glasses then getting prescription glasses online can do the trick right.

What is Presbyopia?

Typically occurring in middle and old age, the muscles of the eyes becomes weak. Hence, adjusting to different light spectrums requires flexibility. The hardening of the eyeball is referred to as presbyopia, and you need mens or womens glasses for reading to correct it.

What are Progressive Lenses?

Progressive lenses have a different vision built into the same lens. When you peer through the bottom they help you read, when you look through the top, they let you see far away. You can get yourself a new pair with bifocal, multifocal and progressive lenses.

Progressive lenses are however seamless and have no dividing line bifocals or multifocal. They are gradual in a different part of the lens, hence look smarter too! But this seamless division changes the depth of the lenses when you look, so chances of tripping over while taking the stairs or walking are something older people generally experience.

Designer Prescription glasses online

3 Ways to Get used to Them!

Just like any new pair of prescription glasses, you need time to adjust to your new progressive glasses. Initially, you may experience headaches, slight blurriness in vision and nausea.

These are common concerns that every new glasses wearer experiences and Optically tells you 3 ways you can overcome common worries:

  • Know it's Temporary:
  • Using a single pair of womens or mens glasses and training your brain to a different depth of the lens may take time but remember it is not permanent. It is ok to feel disoriented in the first week and you may be tempted to switch back and forth to your old pair. However, the more you keep them on, the faster your brain will adjust to the new vision and it will be easier to just keep one pair of glasses on through the day.

  • Keep your Eyes Steady:
  • Constantly moving your eyes through the different part of the glasses will just aggravate your headaches or dizziness. Instead use your head and neck to crane up and down the lenses to see, like you must have noticed middle-aged people holding their necks up while they read newspapers or menus.

  • Check your Glasses Position:
  • The way your glasses are placed on the nose bridge makes quite a difference too. Make sure that you get the right measurement of your frames so that they fit snugly on your nose bridge and close up to your eyes. This will make sure that you keep your vision efficient and the readers sit perfectly too.

Optically features over 3000 frame styles of leading labels that you can craft to your preferences. Plus, they hold amazing discounts and offers through the year so you know getting stylish glasses is only a few convenient clicks away!

You can also explore our lenses customization options in your favourite style of frames and get them made into prescription sunglasses online too! Now that you are prepared to adjust to your reading glasses, log online today and get yourself a swanky pair at great prices.